‘30 Rock’ Producer Ron Weiner Just Sold Two Comedies to NBC

Longtime 30 Rock writer/producer Ron Weiner just sold two new shows to NBC. Weiner has an impressive resume, having written on a ton of amazing sitcoms, including Futurama, Arrested Development, and NewsRadio, so every comedy fan should be looking forward to his first foray into creating his own show. The first of the two sitcoms he sold is an untitled workplace show about two complete opposites supervising a team together, whereas the other show, an adaptation of the BBC2 show Whites, is his #2 priority. The original Whites ran one delightfully-short British season (6 episodes) back in 2010 and revolved around a lazy hotel chef who’s past his prime. With NBC losing 30 Rock and The Office this year (and presumably more critically-acclaimed, low-rated comedies), any show from Ron Weiner seems like the most likely contender to become the network’s next great sitcom.

‘30 Rock’ Producer Ron Weiner Just Sold Two Comedies […]