A Crossover Week in Comedy

- NBC is back at #1 in network ratings.

- Seth MacFarlane is hosting the Oscars. Bruno Mars is hosting SNL. What?

- Lena Dunham is writing an advice book. Everyone throws money at her.

- We dug up the lost roles of Dana Carvey.

- We collected everything there is to know about Arrested Development’s new season. Everything.

- We explored our love for David Foster Wallace.

- We talked to Bill Burr about his new special, his alt-room statements, false outrage, and more.

- We looked at the low-key career path of John Candy.

- We visualized Billy Merritt’s six types of improv students.

- We asked which of the lovable weirdos of The Office is your favorite.

- We found Lenny Bruce’s imprint on the comedy world.

- We remembered when Gilbert Gottfried was on SNL.

- We discovered the unlikely lyrical comedy of a Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice.

- We felt the lasting influence of radio’s great teller of tales, Jean Shepherd.

- We watched Steven Martin guest host The Tonight Show in the archives.

- We followed @ChaseMit on Twitter.

What’s that? You want to see the Top Five Web Comedy Videos of the Week? Here you go:

Funny or Die — “Cooking with Christopher Walken”

Jest — “Mitt Romney’s Self-Destruct Button”

Rejected Pitches — “The Birds”

HelloGiggles — “Maude Apatow talks to Rebel Wilson”

CollegeHumor — “Mitt Romney Style (Gangnam Style Parody)”

A Crossover Week in Comedy