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Ben Affleck Was Supposed to Direct the Homeland Pilot

BEN AFFLECK as Tony Mendez in “ARGO”
Argo Photo: Keith Bernstein/Warner Bros

Today in Alternate Histories, Film and TV Division: Ben Affleck, he of the magical auteur beard, was originally attached to direct the pilot episode of Homeland but had to drop out because of family obligations. (“I was sure nothing would happen with the show,” he jokingly told the crowd at last night’s Artios Awards. “Now I hate the fucking show.”) Vulture usually likes to side with the What Might Have Been side of history — it’s wackier, with more room for Jeremy Sisto cameos — but in this case, Affleck directing Homeland might have kept Affleck from directing Argo, and Homeland worked out anyway. So good job, Real Life! Everything is in order here.

Affleck Was Supposed to Direct Homeland Pilot