‘Arrested Development’s New Season Set for April 2013 Netflix Debut

The Film Stage is reporting that the new season of Arrested Development will be released on Netflix in April of 2013, all at once. While we knew before that the fourth season was coming out at some undetermined point in the spring, April is the first concrete date we’ve heard. Mitch Hurwitz has also said that the episodes’ release might be spread out over several weeks, but this news confirms that they’re coming all together, as originally reported. In other Arrested Development news, Conan O’Brien tweeted out this photo, which he’s calling the first official picture (I guess all these set photos aren’t official) from the new season. Stay tuned as we continue to keep you updated on every piece of Arrested Development news, no matter how small (I’m working right now to break a story about Will Arnett’s on-set allergy attack, check back this afternoon for the exposé).

‘Arrested Development’s New Season Set for April 2013 […]