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Last Night on Late Night: Axl Rose Sort of Endorsed Obama in His First Live TV Interview in Twenty Years

Last night on Live, Axl Rose sat down for his first live TV interview in two decades, and Jimmy Kimmel, by way of a curious tweeter, didn’t shy away from today’s national battle: “Who are you voting for?” Despite the Guns N Roses Las Vegas residency aptly titled “Appetite for Democracy,” Axl confessed he doesn’t really vote. “Well, I’m in California, and it usually leans Democratic, and that’s usually where I’m leaning anyway,” he explained until, further pressed, he continued, “I would lean Obama.” Other gems in the rare interview included some quick facts: Axl does not regret his nineties cornrows; he used to have a Halloween tree à la Jack Skellington; and he actually arrived on time last night in spite of his lingering strep throat. Plus: Rainn Wilson reenacted the effects of the Jedi mind trick Conan had bestowed upon him seven years ago on Late Night, and followed up that performance with barks that startled Elisha Cuthbert’s and Conan’s purr-fest. Also, Rod Stewart played duet to “Dancing with You All Night Long by Rod Stewart” by Jimmy Fallon. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.

Axl Rose Endorsed Obama on ‘Jimmy Kimmel’