Christian Bale Returns to David O. Russell FBI and Con Artists Film


First, it was entitled American Bullshit and Ben Affleck was considering directing it. Then David O. Russell took over with Bradley Cooper and Christian Bale attached to star. Then Jeremy Renner signed on to replace Bale and Amy Adams joined the cast. Now the dust has settled, the roles shuffled, the title ditched, and Bale is back. The currently untitled project is based on a true story and focuses on an infamous con artist (Bale) and his partner/love interest (Adams), who are working with a federal agent (Cooper) to take on dirty politicians and mobsters. Renner’s mayor character is being described as a “passionate” and “volatile” “local hero,” which sure sounds like “eventual, surprise villain.” Okay, we’re in. You had us at “not titled American Bullshit anymore.”

Christian Bale Returns to David O. Russell Film