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Barbara Walters Would Settle the Mariah/Nicki Feud If She Could Just Find Nicki’s Number

In the aftermath of last week’s “Off With Your Head” Idol Diva Screaming Match, Barbara Walters personally called Mariah Carey to get her take on the video, and then reported the conversation verbatim on The View. Nicki Minaj promptly lost her mind on Twitter — partly because Carey accused her of making death threats, and partly because no one from The View even attempted to reach her for comment. Well, Barbara Walters has heard Nicki’s complaints, and she announced this morning that she would be more than happy to broadcast her side of the story — she just doesn’t have her number! Nor does anyone working at the show, even though Minaj was a guest on The View two weeks ago. And none of the production assistants currently working on The View know how to use e-mail, Google, or Twitter, which is why they could not attempt to track the number down. Nicki Minaj is just totally unreachable, it turns out (probably because Mariah threw her phone in a toilet).

Barbara Walters Didn’t Have Nicki’s Number