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The Best Costumes From the 2012 HallowMeme Party

Hallow-Meme 2012.
Dolan and Gooby Photo: Konstantin Sergeyev

Last night, a group of brave and Tumblr-savvy New Yorkers gathered at the Bell House to celebrate Forced Meme Productions’ fourth annual HallowMeme, a costume party dedicated to … well, all the dumb stuff you laugh at on the Internet. YouTube (like “Gangnam Style” or “Hot Cheetos and Takis”) were re-created in the wild! Silly images gained corporeal form. A million binders were stuffed full of women, because that meme was by far the most popular of the night. Take a look at what you missed (while you were probably just staring at the Internet).

Hillary Clinton Texts
Nyan Cat
Troll Dad
Romney and His Binders Full of Women
Yes, This Is Dog
Cool Story, Bro
McKayla Maroney Is Not Impressed
Paul Ryan Weightlifting
Big Bird
PSY and Goat-ye
Zombie Kid Likes Turtles and Duckface
Caine’s Arcade
Ryan Lochte’s Grill and Bread Cats
Miss Teen USA 2007 and Miss South Carolina
Sophia Grace and Rosie
Hot Cheetos and Takis
Two more Binders Full of Women
Honey Boo Boo
Community Game
Ryan Gosling in Drive
Downton Abbeyonce, featuring our own Sarah Frank
Time Magazine’s Breastfeeding cover
Ermahgerd Girl
Gangnam Style dance-off
Gangnam Style dance-off
Your HallowMeme winner: Honey Boo Boo
The Best Costumes From the 2012 HallowMeme Party