‘Black Dynamite’ Follow-Up Will Be a ‘Blazing Saddles’ Homage

Michael Jai White, star and co-writer of the 2009 blaxploitation spoof Black Dynamite, spoke to Crave Online this week about plans for a sequel to the cult comedy. White said that, while the next movie won’t be a direct sequel to Black Dynamite, it’ll use the same cast and style to tackle a totally different genre. The follow-up will be “a western comedy” that’s an “homage to Blazing Saddles,” White reveals, although plans for the movie are still in the early stages. Until then, Black Dynamite fans will just have to make do with the original movie and the animated Adult Swim series it inspired, which aired its first season this past summer.

‘Black Dynamite’ Follow-Up Will Be a ‘Blazing Saddles’ […]