‘The Boys’ Video: Nicki Minaj and Cassie Could Use Some Fire-Safety Lessons

Not to spoil the third act of this video (by which we mean that we are about to spoil the third act of this video), but special to Nicki Minaj: hair salons will catch flame if you point a blowtorch directly at them. Especially when those hair salons are decorated in all-pink, surely flammable objects from the Lisa Frank Outlet Factory. To be fair, the décor is pretty standard for Nicki, as is the decision to run around half-naked and drape herself over offbeat racing vehicles (please see also: the ice motorcycle from “Super Bass”). But look! Cassie is half-naked, too! That is new (for a Nicki Minaj video.)

‘The Boys’ Video: Nicki and Cassie Burn Stuff