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Last Night on Late Night: Bristol Palin Wanted an Apology for the Momma Jokes From Jimmy Kimmel

Last night on Live, Dancing with the Stars castoff Bristol Palin demanded an apology for all the Sarah Palin jokes made by Jimmy Kimmel, which he gave as artificially as possible. And now that Bristol has hung up her dancing shoes, at least for the time being, she confirmed that we won’t be seeing her either on The Bachelorette — it’s just not her “character” to do something like that — or the United States V.P. ticket — she’s too young to consider it. Plus: Don Rickles brought back the old-school pre-p.c. humor; The Walking Dead’s Glenn a.k.a. Steven Yeun explained his disturbingly inaccurate Twitter profile picture; and Lauren Graham engaged Craig Ferguson in evil tomato talk. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.

Bristol Palin Wanted an Apology for Momma Jokes