Comedy Central Listens to Amy Poehler and Buys ‘Broad City’

“Amy Poehler told me this would be a great show for us, and that’s good enough for me,” said Comedy Central head honcho Kent Alterman in a press release yesterday announcing that the network is developing a show based on Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson’s web series “Broad City” that Amy Poehler will produce. Last year, Amy Poehler was developing a “Broad City” show over at FX, but the project has shifted to Comedy Central, reuniting Poehler with the network that gave her her start with the Upright Citizens Brigade TV show back in 1998. If only more TV networks did whatever Amy Poehler said, the medium would clearly be in a much better place.

Here’s a teaser trailer for the Broad City show that was released last year:

Comedy Central Listens to Amy Poehler and Buys ‘Broad […]