Craig Robinson and Greg Daniels Escaping ‘The Office’ Together for a New Sitcom

Actor Craig Robinson and showrunner Greg Daniels are the latest personnel from The Office to book a new TV show for next season as a follow-up gig to when their long-running NBC sitcom ends its runs in May. According to The Hollywood Reporter, NBC has given a script order to an untitled workplace comedy that Daniels will produce as a starring vehicle for Robinson, with newbie Office writer/producer Owen Ellickson penning the script. In the prospective show, Craig Robinson would star as a musician adjusting to his new life as a junior high music teacher. So, it sounds like Eastbound & Down (which Robinson was appeared on multiple times), only with a musician instead of a baseball player, which is totally something that could air during primetime on a major network, right?

Craig Robinson and Greg Daniels Escaping ‘The Office’ […]