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The Debate Night Lincoln Trailer: Clothed in Immense Power

Wednesday night’s presidential debate brought a new, fierier teaser for Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln. We saw a so-so amount of Daniel Day-Lewis’s Abraham in the inaugural trailer a few weeks ago, but didn’t hear him so much. Now we get the best of the last clip (“blood’s been spilled to afford us this moment”) as well as marital drama between Sally Field and Day-Lewis, spoken lines from Joseph Gordon-Levitt and David Costabile (Breaking Bad’s Gale Boetticher), and a couple moments of absolute thunder from Lincoln. (If you’re wondering, that line about being clothed in immense power was actually attributed to Honest Abe.) It’s also supremely patriotic — the trailer’s called “Unite,” there’s a shot of One World Trade Center and the Tribute in Light, plus a stock photo of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

New Lincoln Trailer: Clothed in Immense Power