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Last Night on Late Night: Did Jeff Goldblum Cop a Feel of Conan?

Last night on Conan, Jeff Goldblum was just so kooky it proved difficult to select the best moments of his interview. But here goes. Mr. Goldblum exhibited lots of curious, touchy-feely love for the ginger host, first pawing at his body — “You know that I like to examine you, hmmmm,” he uttered as he flung off his glasses for a closer look. Then he burped — unintentionally — only to spin the subsequent censure into praise for Conan’s ability to “weave … a giant web of comedy.” To top it off, he went in for a much deeper examination of the host’s nether region as the two compared their leg hair and color. Plus: Christina Aguilera visited Chelsea Handler on the one condition that the latter don hot pants à la Xtina. Tit for tat. And for that, we got to hear that Christina denounces panties and pasties, and while the Mariah Carey-Nicki Minaj cat-fest might be scratching up American Idol, “Guys can be bitchy, too.” Ahem, Adam Levine. Lastly, Emily VanCamp confirmed that Jennifer Jason Leigh is bringing the “crazy” to Revenge. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.

Did Jeff Goldblum Cop a Feel of Conan?