Eli Roth Showed 200 Amazonian Villagers Their First Movie

Eli Roth can’t scare EVERYONE. Photo: Hubert Boesl/Corbis

Horror-movie-maker/”Bear Jew” Eli Roth is in preproduction on the cannibalism movie The Green Inferno; however, not surprisingly, that means something very different than it usually does. Roth will be shooting in an isolated village along the Amazon. He ran into an issue when the 200 natives they cast as extras revealed they’d never seen a movie before. Roth told Movieline, “So we brought a generator and set up a television. I thought they were going to show them E.T. or The Wizard of Oz, but they showed them Cannibal Holocaust [the controversial eighties Mondo classic] to see how much they could handle.” Their response: “The villagers thought it was the funniest thing they’d ever seen.” Regardless of all the ethical issues involved in disrupting a remote village, we’d probably rather pay to watch 200 natives laughing at Cannibal Holocaust.

Eli Roth Showed 200 Amazonians Their First Movie