Elizabeth Banks Will Play a Hungover Anchorwoman in ‘Walk of Shame’

In what seems like a combination of two of the past decade’s most popular comedies, The Hangover and Anchorman, funny lady Elizabeth Banks will be playing a hungover news reporter in Walk of Shame, a new comedy from writer/director Steven Brill. Variety reports that the prospective film will star Banks as a woman who loses her audition to be a TV reporter and goes out for an atypical night of hard drinking, only to wake up the next morning  in a stranger’s bed with a foggy memory of the night before and a phone message saying she got the job and is expected to be on the air at 5pm. Banks had big hits this year with The Hunger Games and Pitch Perfect (which she also produced), and she’s constantly doing great work with the funniest people in the business, including David Wain and Paul Rudd (Role Models, Wet Hot American Summer), Tina Fey (30 Rock), Judd Apatow (The 40 Year Old Virgin), and Scott Aukerman (Comedy Bang! Bang!). Steven Brill’s credits include directing Without a Paddle, Mr. Deeds, and Heavy Weights, and writing the Mighty Ducks movies. Given Elizabeth Banks’s solid track record with comedy, Walk of Shame is something to look forward to, as long as you aren’t someone who had a disastrous first day as a local news anchorperson after drinking too much the night before, in which case this movie will probably hit too close to home for you.

Elizabeth Banks Will Play a Hungover Anchorwoman in […]