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The End of Love Trailer: Mark Webber Acts With Famous Friends and His Oblivious Son

Why hire a 2-year-old and write lines for him when you have your own kid just walking around and being cute for free? This is what writer/director/star Mark Webber (who played Sex Bob-omb’s lead singer in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World) realized with The End of Love when he cast his son Issac to play his son in the movie. Well, “cast” — Issac was never told he was in a movie. (It’s like a real-life Truman Show.) In turn, the actors were asked to work their mostly improvised scenes around the random shouted nonsense of a toddler. Like Webber, most of the cast play themselves or, in the case of the suicidal game-night-throwing Michael Cera, extreme versions of themselves. The film, which garnered a fairly warm reaction at Sundance, comes out on January 21 through Visit Films. Hopefully the thing will earn enough to pay off the years of therapy that little kid will likely need.

The End of Love Trailer