Fox Didn’t Want Chris Elliott and ‘Get a Life’ Co-Creator David Mirkin to Meet Each Other

“The network [Fox] … didn’t want us to meet because they knew I was doing a crazy show, they knew that Chris was a crazy guy, and it was like, ‘This crazy guy meeting this other crazy guy is going to be too intense. Let’s keep them apart,’” says Get a Life co-creator and Simpsons seasons 5 and 6 showrunner David Mirkin in the first in a five-part interview with The AV Club. The interview is jam-packed with stuff that’ll make your comedy nerd head explode, including Mirkin talking about developing an adaptation of the UK comedy The Young Ones for Fox, working with Graham Chapman just prior to his death, and Chris Elliott’s TV show idea in which he’d play Marlon Brando who runs away from Hollywood and lives with a family to work as their nanny.

Fox Didn’t Want Chris Elliott and ‘Get a Life’ […]