“George Carlin Way” Is One Step Closer to Becoming a Real Street

A year-long battle to name part of a Manhattan street after legendary comedian George Carlin is finally coming to a close after a process that lasted more than a year, according to The Columbia Spectator. A community board voted to name the 400 block of 121st Street, between Amsterdam and Morningside Park, “George Carlin Way,” and now all that has to happen is for city council to approve the decision. The fight was led by stand-up Kevin Bartini, a warm-up comic for The Daily Show, who collected 9,000 signatures to support the renaming. Carlin grew up on the 500 block of 121st Street, which is where Bartini originally proposed George Carlin Way be, but Corpus Christ Church, which is located on the block, opposed. While streets named after Martin Luther King tend to have a higher crime rate, hopefully, George Carlin Way will not have a higher rate of unfunny people.

“George Carlin Way” Is One Step Closer to Becoming a […]