‘GQ’ Says ‘SNL’ Is Making a Comeback (Even Though It’s Been Good for a Long Time Now)

John Surico over at GQ has a new piece declaring this a comeback year for SNL. Apparently, he believes the show has been in some sort of slump since 2010 that’s it’s breaking out of now, which is silly because the past two years have been far, far from a low point. Still, the piece is a testament to what a great period the show’s in now, with the writer saying the keys to the show’s “newfound” success are a talented hosts, a strong batch of incoming cast members (singling out Kate McKinnon), and Jay Pharoah’s Obama. It’s worth a read, even if the guy’s entire premise is faulty.

‘GQ’ Says ‘SNL’ Is Making a Comeback (Even Though It’s […]