oh no

Well, This Gwyneth Paltrow–Cameron Diaz Rap Video Is Entirely Mortifying

Please remember that once upon a time, on The Graham Norton Show, Gwyneth Paltrow rapped a few lines of “Gangsta Gangsta” and it was not the most embarrassing thing ever to be recorded on video. Sure, it was both musically and sociopolitically uncomfortable, but at least she knew the words. And she was performing a classic, rather than some freestyle (generous use of that word) about Chelsea Handler’s new studio over a beat provided by Cameron “Justin Timberlake Taught Me How to Make These Sounds” Diaz. Really, we are just trying to set a frame of reference for what you are about to watch, because if you couldn’t make it through N.W.A., there is no way you can stomach this one. Vulture has a deep fascination with All Things Gwyneth, and even we are still stuck on second :23. Does Cameron do a headspin at the end? Is there a Jay-Z cameo? Someone let us know, thanks.

Gwyneth and Cameron Diaz Are Rapping Together