Highlights from Rainn Wilson’s Reddit AMA: Mistakes on Last Season of ‘The Office’, ‘The Farm’, and Mindy Kaling

The Office’s Rainn Wilson logged onto Reddit for an AMA question-and-answer session with fans yesterday. In it, he reflected honestly on The Office’s post-Steve Carell era, shared some details about the upcoming spin-off The Farm, and revealed that he was the first person to ever audition for the US Office. Here are the highlights from the AMA:

On The Office, post-Steve Carell:

I think some mistakes were made in the Office last season creatively. That being said I think some of the best, most interesting and funniest stuff we’ve ever done was last season. The Talahassee stuff was pretty sublime I thought. The Episode when I had an appendectamy was brilliant.Paul Lieberstein (Toby) had been running the show the two seasons before Steve left and was doing a great job. There was something about the energy of the ensemble that was off. James Spader is one of the greatest actors known to man but the chemistry with him and Ed running the office was a bit dark and needed to be brighter and more energized. IMHO.

On his upcoming Office spin-off The Farm:

I’m going to talk about The Farm, appropos of nothing. We shot the 5th Office episode as a pilot for The Farm. Because of a death in the family we meet Dwight’s brother and Sister and uncle as well as Mose’s brother, Zeke. It will air as a stand alone Office episode this winter. NBC has it right now, is going to test it with audiences and will decide whether or not to pick it up.PErsonally, i think its just terrific. IT’s weird and yet accessible. it’s a rural family comedy! Geese and goats and Schrutes and hijinx at the Bed and Breakfast.

On his favorite character he’s ever played:

Arthur Martin from 6 feet underIt was the first role where I got to really show what I can do both comedically and dramatically. He was ‘out there’ but a 3 dimensional human being - that’s the kind of role I like best. Taking a role that could be a cartoon and humanizing it - finding the soul underneath the absurdity.

On his favorite scene/line that never made the show:

Dude. i did a shirtless talking head monologue in Dothraki for the last episode and it was hysterical. Didn’t make the cut. No idea why.

On being typecast:

I will always be known for Dwight and I’m fine with that. I’m so fucking grateful for the role! I have always been an actor and i’ll just keep acting and people will see my range BUT they’ll still say “hey, there’s Dwight from The Office!”

On The Office’s ratings decline this season:

Most all TV shows have lower ratings this season. Also NBC didn’t promote us one bit.

On his Office audition:

I was THE VERY FIRST PERSON TO AUDITION FOR THE AMERICAN OFFICE. I did a terrible ricky gervais immitation for the part of Michael but nailed “Dwight”. I knew the part would be mine. I just knew exactly how he needed to be! It was an instinct thing.

On his relationship with former costar Mindy Kaling:

I adore Mindy. She is a force of nature and a sweet sweet heart. We also give each other shit mercilessly.Also, I hate her.
Highlights from Rainn Wilson’s Reddit AMA: Mistakes on […]