Highlights from ‘The League’ Cast and Crew’s Reddit AMA

The cast and creators of FX’s The League took to Reddit today to answer fan questions in between filming an episode from the new season (which kicks off - no sports reference intended - October 11th). Here are some of the best moments from the gang’s chat:

On censorship:

Has there been a scene that was so offensive that it actually ended up getting cut from the show?FX is pretty cool but let’s just say there is a version of the Naginta song from Season 2 Episode 3 that will only ever exist for our own personal amusementAre there any jokes you guys could not air on tv?So many. Too crude even for the dvd. We look through them and we are alternately amused and really ashamed of ourselves. God they’re funny. And you’ll never ever see them.Can you give us the top two things that have been censored out that you wish would have made the final cut?
  1. The original Kluneberg/ penis bird attacking ass mountain painting. Standards and Practices said there were labia in there and made us re do it. We tried to explain to the THERE ARE NO LABIA ON A BUTTHOLE. But they insisted, so we repainted it. Whatever.
  2. The longer uncut Naginta song. Biggest fight we’ve ever had. We compromised.

Rafi Talk:

Do you think a Rafi spin-off would be overkill? Or underkill? There’s no middle ground.I want to do Rafi animated show. Shit you not. I have to get around to talking to Jason about it. Does anyone else besides me find that idea interesting/ awesome? - JackieWhat has been your personal favorite scene to shoot these last few years?Rafi’s apartment toilet kitchen in Bobbum Man. The crew and cast were laughing so hard it took us 3 hours to shoot that scene, a colossal waste of FXs money and we wouldn’t have it any other way

Guest stars:

Will Jeff Goldblum be gracing The League with his presence again this season?We are working on it as we type. He’s a busy guy but we are hoping Rupert will be back this season.Will Ray Liotta ever be on the show again? His character is amazing.Definitely need more Liotta. No one says “shit sippers” better

The writing process:

How much of the show is improvised?We write out full shows in advance with all the action and a lot of dialogue (come on people, having a 7’ lavender stuffed character appear is not improvised). We also have bibles of Dialogue and jokes we keep with us that aren’t in the scripts (shit we don’t want to show FX before we try it) but we do leave lots of room and time for the actors to improvise dialogue on set too and a lot of that gets added into the show which keeps it feeling loose and authentic. Or so we think…How long does it take to get an episode from writers room to ready-to-air? I know you guys improv a fair amount of stuff, so curious if the turn-around time is shorter than your typical showWe start writing every year when we know the show is coming back (last December). Actually we usually start before that. We pitched the Season 5 premiere episode to FX back in May when we presented all 13 of Season 4. They’re crazy if they don’t let you guys see that show. It will be insane. - Jackie and Jeff


Can you promise us a 5th season yet?Want to see a Season 5? Start tweeting @fxnetworks - but please people, no chicken milk stink bombs like last year. At least those Jericho fans had the decency to send peanuts.Will the cast do a comedy tour again soon?OK - you heard it here first. We will be announcing the first 2012 THE LEAGUE LIVE show this WEDNESDAY. Get readyWhen are we going to find out about Taco’s illegitimate children?We have tinkered with this idea for 2 seasons - but got turned when we saw that Adam Sandler/ Andy Samburg movie. Maybe we’ll have the balls to resurrect it.Mark, is it weird having to see your wife kiss another man nearly every episode?The Kevin stuff doesn’t bother me as much as the off screen Nick Kroll ones - MD
Highlights from ‘The League’ Cast and Crew’s Reddit AMA