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Jason Statham and Michael Chiklis in the Parker Trailer: It’s Bald Versus Bald

Parker is based on a popular series of novels written by Donald E. Westlake under the pseudonym Richard Stark. In the books Parker is described not as a conflicted criminal with a heart of gold but just a selfish bad guy with no moral compass whatsoever. Meaning: Jason Statham is once again perfectly cast as a Jason Statham–type. Though, in the trailer he wears both a wig and a cowboy hat, so our man is showing some range. Early on, Statham’s Parker is double-crossed and left for dead by Michael Chiklis and crew, so with the assistance of Jennifer Lopez, he goes full Statham on them. There are guns, explosions, and people being hit with furniture. Statham knows what the people want.

Jason Statham Is Back in the Parker Trailer