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Last Night on Late Night: Jennifer Aniston Teared Up Over Engagement to Justin Theroux

Last night on Lately, Jennifer Aniston baptized Chelsea Handler’s new studio with love-induced tears on Mrs. Justin Theroux’s first post-engagement interview. And then she fanned them dry with her huge diamond ring. Plus: Jimmy Kimmel brought Aziz Ansari and Honey Boo Boo together — the first to chat Parks and Recreation, Rob Lowe, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, the latter to make sure you “redneck-nize” her impromptu preference for President “Marack Obama.” If only Mitt Romney hadn’t chosen Snooki. Also, Suburgatory might have flickered some sexual adventurousness in Cheryl Hines and Conan O’Brien. But seriously, who actually owns a harness? Watch our compilation to see what you missed.

Jennifer Aniston Teared Up Over Engagement