Jimmy Fallon and David Letterman Did Their Shows Without Audiences Last Night

Hurricane Sandy caused Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, and Jimmy Kimmel (who picked the wrong week to bring his show to Brooklyn) to cancel their shows last night, but Jimmy Fallon and David Letterman stayed strong and did their shows anyway, without an audience. It turns out to be super fun and only a little unnerving. Here’s Fallon’s monologue, which announcer Steve Higgins points out he’s doing as if he had an audience. If they’re always this fun, late night hosts should try doing their shows for an empty room more often, even when the weather doesn’t necessitate it.

More of Fallon’s audience-free show, plus Letterman performing to an empty room after the jump.

Here’s Fallon’s show from last night in its entirety, with guest Seth Meyers, Padma Lakshmi, and director Robert Zemeckis.

David Letterman read through his monologue jokes at his desk, instead of performing them with full gusto like Fallon.

Letterman guest Denzel Washington flew to New York despite the storm.

West Coast-based Conan O’Brien stayed dry and aired this funny sketch about Apple’s new line of products for those who want a slightly-different-sized tablet than the iPad Mini.

Jimmy Fallon and David Letterman Did Their Shows […]