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Last Night on Late Night: J.J. Abrams Premiered a Three-Frame Clip of Star Trek Into Darkness

Last night on Conan, J.J. Abrams, amid edits of Star Trek into Darkness, wanted to do something special for the viewers and presented a clip of his new film. Paramount, unfortunately, had restricted the clip to a measly three frames, which we at Vulture Video took the liberty of extending in extra slow-mo so you could better enjoy the fires blazing around Spock. And for those cinephile-app-nerds who’d already downloaded the Bad Robot iPhone app, Abrams gave us a preview of a new feature set to come out next month — an alien clawing its way out of someone’s body. Plus: Anna Kendrick impeccably whizzed through the cup clap game — and with pitch-perfect singing, too; Roseanne Barr had trouble understanding Craig Ferguson’s Scottish accent; and Archie Panjabi had us contemplating the morality of a spouse who’s in love with a TV character you play. Is it cheating? Watch our compilation to see what you missed.

J.J. Abrams Premiered Three Frames of Star Trek