Justin Timberlake Is Sorry About That Terrible Wedding Video

Photo: People

In addition to a new song and guest appearances by two members of ‘N Sync, Justin Timberlake’s wedding to Jessica Biel also featured an eight-minute, wildly unfunny video in which various homeless L.A. residents greeted the couple as if they were the best of friends. You can watch a clip here, or you can skip straight to Justin’s apology, which is over on his website (it appears to be overloaded at the moment). To summarize: Justin claims that the video was not actually shown at the wedding, but he understands that it was “distasteful,” and he is “deeply sorry to anyone who was offended.” He also half-heartedly defends his friends before promising that they’ll do some community service. Okay. 

Justin Timberlake Sorry About That Wedding Video