Ken Jeong and Jamie Foxx Are Making Movies for Each Other

In what’s an unusual arrangement in the movie industry, Ken Jeong and Jamie Foxx are teaming up to each produce a movie for the other to star in, The LA Times reports. Jeong and Foxx haven’t worked together before, but they’re apparently best friends now, as proven by this unusual deal they’ve made. The movie Ken Jeong is producing for Jamie Foxx to star in is After Prom, a buddy movie about two cool grown-ups who put their teenage kids through an elaborate series of trials and tests to prepare them for prom. The film Foxx is producing for Jeong to act in is All-Star Weekend, which also stars Kevin Hart and will feature a cameo from Foxx, who is writing and directing. Weekend tells the story of two friends who are big fans of rival NBA heavyweights. If I knew anything about sports, I would close this paragraph by comparing Jamie Foxx and Ken Jeong’s movie trade to some kind of recent NBA trade, which would make this news post a “slam dunk.”

Ken Jeong and Jamie Foxx Are Making Movies for Each […]