The Original, Dark Ending to ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ Is Restored for the New Blu-Ray

“The original ending [of 1986’s Little Shop of Horrors] perfectly suited the film and especially the stage musical’s pitch-black, darkly funny vision of a world so cruel and devoid of humanity that it might be beyond saving… [the film] climaxes with a glorious restored ending that cycles through a veritable encyclopedia of lovingly realized horror and science-fiction tropes culled from a broad cross-section of B-movie schlock from the ‘50s and ‘60s. The voracious, maniacally cackling plants go full Godzilla and lay waste to cities and monuments across the globe.”

The A.V. Club’s Nathan Rabin describing the original 20-minute ending to Frank Oz’s 1986 movie remake of Little Shop of Horrors, which has been restored for the film’s new Blu-Ray release, which is in stores now.

The Original, Dark Ending to ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ […]