Make Jack-o’-Lanterns of TV’s Creepiest Villains: Walter White, Sister Jude, and More

As Halloween approaches, you can do one of two things with your hollowed-out pumpkin: go the traditional route, all triangle eyes and nose, in which case you might as well tape a sign on it that says, “Hey teens, when heaving this into the street, be careful to smash with your legs, not your back!” Or, with the help of Vulture’s TV-villain stencils below, you can earn the respect and fear of your entire neighborhood by creating jack-o’-lanterns of television’s most-frightening faces: Breaking Bad’s Walter White, Game of Thrones’ Hound, American Horror Story’s Sister Jude — and Mad Men’s terrifyingly weaselly Pete Cambell. Simply print out the linked PDFs (to 11x17 paper) and follow the directions to trace your knife onto your pumpkins: Nobody will dare smash the most pop-culturally chilling jack-o’-lanterns on the block. Well, except for the Pete Campbell one: That one is just begging to be punched.

Make Jack-o’-Lanterns of TV’s Creepiest Villains