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Last Night on Late Night: Max Greenfield Has Had Terrible Luck With Birds

Last night on The Late Show With David Letterman, Max Greenfield (who no longer has to wear a schlong cast) details some terrifying stories of his  long-standing beef with birds, including a standoff with an intimidating ostrich who confronted Greenfield face-to-face: “He coulda killed me at any second. He looked at me like my father looks at me, ‘I’m angry at you, but I’m disappointed.’” On Fallon, when Connie Britton admitted she’s too scared to watch her show American Horror Story, Jimmy agreed but said it wasn’t the demon baby that was giving him nightmares: “I thought it was cute,” he said, channeling his inner Valley girl. “Babies are so cute, you guys!” And the Who’s Pete Townshend told Jon Stewart he was super excited when he started his own blog a few years back, at least until he learned all the traffic was coming from just 30 obsessive fans. “They just spent the whole day checking, ‘What’s Pete doing now?’” Guess he should have started a Twitter instead. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.

Max Greenfield Has Had Terrible Luck With Birds