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See Maura Tierney Lash Into a Giant-Bearded Michael C. Hall

Dexter’s Michael C. Hall is usually the one dishing out nasty accusations (followed, of course, by a side of torture), but the café tables have turned in this scene from Ruth & Erica, a new thirteen-episode series that debuted this week on WIGS, a YouTube channel specializing in scripted drama. The show stars Maura Tierney as Erica, a lonely landscape architect trying to convince her mother, Ruth (Lois Smith of True Blood), to move to a retirement home with her Alzheimer’s-afflicted father. In this exclusive peek at episode nine, Tierney confronts Hall, who, sporting a gigantic ginger beard, plays the mediocre realtor commissioned to sell her mom’s giant house and who knew Erica from the days when he was their high school’s drug hookup. Hall apparently can see past her verbal lashing, as she eventually ends up having a threesome with him and the beard.

See a Big-Bearded Michael C. Hall Get Yelled At