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New Django Unchained Trailer: Adult Supervision Required

Do we realllly need another Django Unchained trailer in our lives? When this is the new trailer, yes, we really do. It’s equally lengthy as the first two and slightly more in the epic/serious direction. There’s both new footage and alternate shots of the stuff we’ve seen. We get Leonardo DiCaprio’s Tarantino-verse name (Calvin Candie, a nice foil to Christoph Waltz’s dentist/bounty hunter), Foxx delivers a new classic QT line (“I’m curious what makes you so curious”), we see our first glimpse of Jonah Hill as a proto-Klansman, plus an always-welcome larger dosage of Samuel L. Jackson. But that tagline, “Let Freedom Ring” — is Tarantino going to treat the abolition of slavery as loosely and trigger-happily as he did World War II in Inglourious Basterds? He isn’t, is he?

New Django Unchained Trailer: Adult Supervision