new york comic con 2012

Marvel Reveals Secret Avengers Lineup at New York Comic Con

It’s Comic Con season (on the East Coast this time), and one of the most hotly anticipated bits of news is the cast of Marvel’s reboot hodgepodge superhero series Secret Avengers. Drumroll, please! The film will feature Hawkeye, who led the original Secret Avengers team; Black Widow (who’s become a bit more high-profile thanks to Scarlett Johansson’s portrayal in The Avengers); a re-imagined Nick Fury just off a tour of duty in Afghanistan; Hawkeye’s ex-wife Mockingbird (drama!); the Hulk, of course;  and a new Iron Patriot. Fans can also look forward to surprise cameos from pretty much anybody in the Marvel universe thanks to the series’ central memory implant concept. Fascinatingly, no character knows they’re part of the secret government agency S.H.I.E.L.D. — a keyword is used to activate them for each mission and then wipe their memories when it’s completed.

Marvel Reveals Secret Avengers Lineup