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Paranormal Activity 4 Leads Spooky Weekend Box Office

PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 Photo: Donald Schwartz/Paramount Pictures

Halloween’s just ten days away, and theaters are chock full of scary stuff. At the top of this weekend’s box office chart is Paranormal Activity 4, with $30 million — well below what Paranormal 2 and 3 earned — followed by Hotel Transylvania in fourth place ($13.2 million), Sinister in fifth ($8.9 million), and Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie in ninth ($4.3 million). The weekend’s other opener, the James Patterson-inspired Alex Cross, also underperformed (it brought in $8 million less than expected), despite the presence of Tyler Perry. Meanwhile, Ben Affleck’s Oscar hopeful Argo looks to be holding up surprisingly well in the number two spot.

Paranormal 4 Leads Spooky Weekend Box Office