Peter Serafinowicz Announces New Book ‘A Billion Jokes’ (It Probably Has Less Jokes than That)

British comedian Peter Serafinowicz just announced that his new book A Billion Jokes is available for pre-order on Amazon now (it comes out next month). You might know Serafinowicz from his amazing cult series Look Around You or from his appearances in Shaun of the Dead, Running Wilde, and Star Wars Episode 1 (where he played Darth Maul!), but his wildly-popular Twitter feed is the inspiration for the new book. On Twitter, Serafinowicz is renowned for his snappy answers to questions from his fans, and these Q&A’s are collected here. Don’t worry, there aren’t really a billion jokes in the book. That’d be a lot. Just several hundred.

Peter Serafinowicz Announces New Book ‘A Billion […]