Horror Movie Posters From Poland Are the Craziest Horror Movie Posters

Photo: Jan Mlodozeniec

Its long been known to horror enthusiasts that Eastern European movie posters for Hollywood scary movies are kind of insane. But on this Halloween Wednesday, we’d like to specifically draw attention to the ones done by graphic designers like Andrzej Klimowski, Eugeniusz Skorwider, and Jerzy Flisak for distribution in Poland. Because … well, just look for yourself.

by Jakub Erol

Photo: Jakub Erol

Young Frankenstein
by Jerzy Flisak

Photo: Jerzy Flisak

by Jan Mlodozeniec

Photo: Jan Mlodozeniec

The Fly
by Eugeniusz Skorwider

Photo: Eugeniusz Skorwider

by Zygmunt Zaradkiewicz

Photo: Michal Ksiazek

The Birds
by Bronislaw Zelek

Photo: Bronislaw Zelek

Weekend at Bernie’s
by Jakub Erol

Photo: Jakub Erol
Polish Horror Movie Posters Are the Craziest