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Rapping Weatherman Does ‘Gangnam Style,’ and Are We Done Yet?

Are you sick of “Gangnam Style” yet? Or will you be done with it after you throw out your Psy costume come October 31? The viral phenomenon turned chart chopper has seen its Zeitgeist-toppling strength infect everyone from Britney Spears to Hugh “Wolverine” Jackman. And now it’s Nick Kosir’s turn. Better known as “the Rapping Weatherman,” KMVT CBS 11/KTWT FOX 14 morning meteorologist Kosir was “caught, off-camera” (yeah, sure) performing a rap and then breaking into the signature dance. We’re not quite sure how “spontaneous” this could have been, what with a song and app on iTunes, but if this means we’re closer to shutting this business down, so be it.

Rapping Weatherman Does ‘Gangnam Style’