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Last Night on Late Night: Rebel Wilson As Lady Gaga, Bryan Cranston As Brief Backup

Last night on the Tonight Show, Rebel Wilson broke out into Lady Gaga — apparently, that’s how she’d nailed her Pitch Perfect audition — and in true diva form, shared the spotlight with co-guest Bryan Cranston for just a moment before snatching the mike away and leaving him hanging on the edge of glory. Plus: Amy Poehler had taught Rashida Jones and Aubrey Plaza “Mustache TV,” which the Parks and Recreation actresses play regularly on their weekly Girls Night. Aww. But things got out of hand (literally) once Conan stepped up to the plate. Also, Max Greenfield might be feeling another sting to his manhood because both Zooey Deschanel and Jimmy Kimmel confirmed Schmidt’s “effeminate” nature; and pre-Gaga Bryan Cranston recounted how he had broken sleazy at age sixteen on a police academy field trip to Amsterdam, where he lost his virginity to some “professional consultants.” Watch our compilation to see what you missed.

Rebel Wilson As Gaga, Bryan Cranston As Backup