‘Ride’ Video: Lana Del Rey Has a Gun, a Tire Swing, Curly Hair

There is no reason that anyone would have to pick a favorite (“favorite”) line from the three-minute voice-over monologue that precedes “Ride,” but Vulture will try anyway: “I was a singer. Not a very popular one.” (Aw.) Or how about: “My mother told me I had a chameleon soul.” Then there’s this bit from the end: “I believe in the country America used to be” (said while straddling two different bikers and happily waving a gun around). Somewhere in the middle of all this is an actual song, but as always with Lana, it is secondary to the theatrics, which in this particular ten-minute installment include: liaisons with the aforementioned middle-aged bikers; some heavy petting atop a pinball machine; a solid tire-swing session; an orange soda sidewalk hang; a perm; and, most memorable, a desert campfire at which Lana Del Rey wears a giant feathered headdress and lip-synchs the words “I’m fucking crazy” while holding a gun to her head. Put that last scene in the LDR Hall of Fame; it is really something.

‘Ride’ Video: Lana Del Rey Has a Gun, Curly Hair