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How I Met Your Mother Going Back to the Mall

Everyone’s favorite fictional nineties Canadian teen star is making another appearance on How I Met Your Mother. Robin Sparkles will return later this season, Cobie Smulders confirmed when she tweeted this photo yesterday:

Photo: @CobieSmulders/Twitter

Terrific. Robin Sparkles is maybe the best thing HIMYM has ever done, but she’s also representative of HIMYM’s more upbeat past, the one where it seemed like the characters were mostly on the same team, where they brought joy and acceptance and not just teasing to one another’s lives. So far, this season of How I Met Your Mother has been a slightly sour disappointment: We knew that Ted and Victoria, Robin and Nick, and Barney and Quinn would all break up, so slogging through episodes where they’re together wasn’t and isn’t much fun. All the characters are vaguely miserable. Love is not in the air.

Luckily, even when the show’s at a narrative standstill, there are glimpses of the HIMYM we knew and loved, the one where ferrets “kiss” you by biting your eyelids. Here’s hoping a return to the Robin Sparkles well indicates a return to the show’s once-fundamental optimism — going to the mall and building sandcastles in the sand are supposed to be fun.

How I Met Your Mother Going Back to the Mall