Sacha Baron Cohen Still Hasn’t Played Every Despicable Character, Moving from Dictator to Homophobe

Last week, Hong Kong billionaire Cecil Chao made headlines when, upon hearing his daughter was wedding her longtime girlfriend, offered $64 million to any man who can succeed in marrying her instead. While the news story prompted disgust and outrage from most people who heard it, it prompted a movie idea from Sacha Baron Cohen, who was keen enough to realize that Chao’s bigotry would make for an excellent big budget comedy. Baron Cohen has sold Paramount a movie called The Lesbian, which is based on the news story and would presumably see him playing the intolerant billionaire. Having crossed evil dictator and now, raging homophobe of his list, Sacha Baron Cohen’s quest to play every type of terrible human being is chugging right along. If you have a horrifying person in your life, you can write Baron Cohen a letter to suggest basing a wacky comedy around them because he’s gonna run out of mean dudes eventually.

Sacha Baron Cohen Still Hasn’t Played Every Despicable […]