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Save the Date Trailer: Lizzy Caplan Would Rather Not, Thanks

Salute Alison Brie: It has been a trying year for her at the movies, where her various onscreen sisters keep spazzing out at the idea of commitment and cutesy engraved invitations. First there was Emily Blunt, who Brie wisely counseled with an Elmo voice in Five-Year Engagement; now Brie plays sane, about-to-be-married sibling to the reluctant Lizzy Caplan in Sundance breakout Save the Date. As release dates would have it, this is also Caplan’s second wedding movie of the year — though her attitude toward the institution of marriage has not exactly improved since Bachelorette (which is kind of a feat). Dramatic breakups and emotional postcoital conversations ahead! Steel yourselves.

Save the Date Trailer: Caplan Would Rather Not