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Evil Dead Red Band Trailer: Hold Your Tongues

This trailer starts out nicely: Just a bunch of fine-looking kids going on a weekend getaway with their dog. But the next thing you know, there’s an arm being cut off and a tongue being sliced in two. It’s fitting, as this is the remake of Sam Raimi’s bloody 1981 cult horror classic Evil Dead. It appears Raimi — along with co-writers Diablo Cody, Rodo Sayagues, and director Fede Alvarez — has removed all of the original’s slight dark humor and traded it for the fast cuts and super-gore of contemporary horror. Suburgatory’s Jane Levy plays Mia, the remake’s version of Bruce Campbell’s Ash. Let’s hope this is a hit so we can see her with a chainsaw for an arm.

Scream at the Evil Dead Remake’s Bloody Trailer