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Here Is Video Proof That Ethel Kennedy Likes Taylor Swift

The relationship between Taylor Swift and the Kennedys has not been an easy one; between the wedding crashing and the public shaming in the Boston Herald, and then the extra-public shaming on the Today show, the average person might assume that Taylor is no longer welcome at her boyfriend’s family home. (Or that Conor’s family had exercised its considerable influence to revoke her beach house purchase and ban her from Hyannisport.) But the average person would be deeply wrong. Turns out clan matriarch Ethel Kennedy loves Taylor Swift — so much, in fact, that she is willing to film personal endorsements at the local golf course. Here are the adjectives Ethel uses to describe Taylor’s personality: “spectacular”; “sensational, inside and out.” And here is Ethel describing how “game” Taylor is: “She had never sailed before; she sailed. She had never been dragging before; she dragged.” Vulture has no idea what “dragging” is and is slightly concerned it involves dead bodies, but still, color us impressed.  That is some solid winning-over-the-parents work, Taylor.

See Proof That Ethel Kennedy Likes Taylor Swift