‘South Park’ Creators Sued by a Guy Who Created a Show Called ‘Lollipop Forest’ and Probably Isn’t Crazy

Matt Stone and Trey Parker, creators of South Park, have just been slapped with a copyright infringement lawsuit over a character featured in their popular “Imaginationland” episode trilogy. TMZ reports that a man by the name of Exavier Wardlaw filed a suit in federal court in Philadelphia, claiming that the “Imaginationland” character “The Lollipop King” is a rip-off of his character “Big Bad Lollipop” from an independent kids show he made called The Lollipop Forest. According to the suit, Wardlaw is miffed that his family-friendly character was exposed to “unwholesome language and sexual innuendo” and he is asking that South Park remove all traces of the character from the episode, which is five years old as of this week. It’s pretty silly that Wardlaw is filing this lawsuit half a decade after the episode aired, but not as silly as trying to prove in the court of law that you were the first person to ever give human characteristics to a lollipop.

After the jump, please find two clips from Wardlaw’s Lollipop Forest kids show:

‘South Park’ Creators Sued by a Guy Who Created a Show […]