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Taken 2 Surprises at the Box Office, Frankenweenie Flops

“FRANKENWEENIE” (L-R) VICTOR and SPARKY. ..”Frankenweenie” is a new stop-motion, animated comedy from the creative genius of director Tim Burton. Presented by Walt Disney Pictures, “Frankenweenie” opens in theaters on October 5, 2012. ..©2012 Disney Enterprises. All Rights Reserved. Photo: Disney Enterprises.

The Liam Neeson spy thriller sequel pulled in $50 million domestically and $105 million abroad, making it the third-biggest October opener ever. It’s also the first Hollywood film that’s “performed normally … since July’s Aurora shooting tragedy,” Deadline’s Nikke Finke reports. But what most shocked box office watchers — and Disney — was the rather weak $11 million performance of Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie. Compounded with Dark Shadow’s underwhelming stint in theaters in May, some may be wondering if the famed director has lost his touch. We hope they’re wrong.

Frankenweenie Flops at the Box Office