Ten Classic 30 Rock Jokes, Retold As Infographics

The final season of 30 Rock premieres tonight, so it’s time to look back. With 30 Rock, this means remembering its well-crafted, hilarious jokes. Tina Fey and Co. have been able to pack as much irreverence, wit, and satire into each joke as possible and as many jokes per episode as possible. So much so that they can be broken down, examined, visualized, and laughed at some more. And that’s exactly what we did. Vulture chose ten classics (of the scores and scores of classics) and put them into handy graph form. The charts below illustrate, with technical precision: How much Jack differs from a farmer, in terms of wearing a tuxedo; the exact recipe for a Cheesy Blaster; how scary and/or spooky werewolf bar mitzvah’s are (fairly!); and much more.

Now watch the jokes in verbal, non-graphed form.

Ten Classic 30 Rock Jokes, As Infographics